Trail Running Skills and Training Day – Bookings now open

We are really excited to be providing aspiring and experienced trail runners – from beginner to expert – with a foundation of information and training towards helping you achieve success and enjoyment in your own trail running goals. No matter what level, experience or distance, we cater for everyone and leave no one behind

If you are looking at developing your running and knowledge for trail, endurance, fell or mountain running then this will be ideal to get you on your way or help you refine your skills and knowledge even further. We have taken some of the best bits from the previous weekend courses we ran and put them into a single day event were the aim is to provide you coaching and skills development on the day and more importantly useful things you will be able to take away and apply

A mixture of practical and theory based sessions provided by Jayson and Kim, experienced ultra, trail, fell and mountain runners. We are also both full time UK athletics qualified running coaches were we work with a wide range of athletes in a variety of disciplines and experience levels. The day will be aimed towards helping you develop your running skills and knowledge to help prepare and improve your trail running ability and enjoyment.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is into, wants to get into or is just curious about trail, ultra or mountain running. As long as you can do at least a parkrun, or 5km distance, there will be something for you! We cater for all levels, so if you are new to running or an experienced ultra runner you will be well looked after, not left behind, yet equally challenged if you want it! Even those of you who have been running for years will learn something that could improve your performance or help freshen you up.

When is it?

Saturday 18th May 2019

The highlights

What`s Included:

Guided and supported trail runs

Coaching and workshops on the following:

Improving form and efficiency

Ascending and Decending

Training the smart way

Building strength and mobility for trails

Guided group run and training Tapas

Plus lots of fun, engagement and group interaction throughout the day, either in or outside of the sessions.




10 am to 4:30 pm (ish)

Also several breaks and 45 minutes for lunch (time for food from the awesome Bike Cafe)


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Detailed information

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We aim for you to get as much out of the day as possible, although we want to enjoy the stunning outdoors as much as possible we also have a great indoor location to utilise were will will share and discuss useful information to help you develop as a runner and more specifically for off-road and trail. We have taken some of the most useful and relevant subjects which have been put to good use in previous training weekends and camps, these are some of the core components to helping you develop and be more comfortable and confident when running off road and working out what sort of training you may need to do, this will be in the form of practical session were we will offer feedback to help you improve and learn and also theory sessions were you will be able to take away information you can apply and put into practice yourself.

Coaching and workshops on the following:

Improving form and efficiency;

No one really teaches us how to run, we tend to just do it, which is great to start with, but running in a efficient and effective manner not only helps you to move further and faster with less effort, but it also allows you to greatly reduce the risk of injury. In this session we go through some drills and exercises you can apply to your own training, we will offer feedback and analysis on how you are running and suggest things you can do to help improve.

Ascending and Descending;

We cant get away from it when we run off road (and often on) and we often find that people find one or the other harder. This session is put together to help you develop your skills and ability in going both up and down the hills, weather fast smooth slopes or rough and technical, a bit of theory and psychology on how and why we may may struggle and how to overcome this then out to practice and apply some of the things you have learnt

Training the smart way;

Quite often we fall into a bit of a one pace fits all running routine, this can generally be down to not understanding or realising that there are some straight forward sessions and ways to develop your running through all of the gears, we also talk about how to do this and what the effects are, again something else to add to your tool kit for you to take away and apply, so you know were to start and can make each training session or run you do count towards something.

Building strength and mobility for trails;

Whether you are worried about getting injured, already suffer from some injury or just want to feel more fluid and flexible then some form of strength and conditioning will greatly help with your running, particularly if you are heading off road were you will be subject to a variety of dynamic physical challenges, such as variety in terrain and foot placement, or turns and twists along the trails. We go through some of the most effective yet fundamental exercises and routines which you can take away a put into practice yourself, without specialist equipment and minimal time requirements.

Guided group run and training Tapas;

The fun part were we head out for a run and enjoy the fantastic trails in the local area, we will cater for everyone in this and do it in such away that it is fun for everyone and also a chance to re-enforce some of the key skills you have learnt throughout the day. So no need to worry if you feel you may hold people up, you wont and if you are a whippet we will still put you through your paces

The day will take place from the Yorkshire Cycle Hub in Fryup dale. An absolutely fantastic and very new facility in the heart of the Yorkshire moors, there is a plethora of trails and routes around the center which offers fantastic facilities itself.

Although we do not provide overnight accommodation ourselves this is available for people to book into if they want to make a longer weekend of it.

The cafe is fantastic and provides a good range of home cooked food, drink and cakes and there is also a great bike shop with a few snacks and energy solutions on offer.

If you would like to know more about the center itself then please visit the website here

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Since we will be based at The Cycle Hub, it would be a shame not to sample the fantastic food on offer in the cafe.

The Hub caters for everyone with a range of options including breakfasts, paninis, salads, soups, burgers and, not forgetting cakes!

Whether you are vegan, gluten free, or just eat everything, you will be able to have a scrumptious lunch to set you up for the afternoon sessions.

You are welcome to eat from the cafe or bring your own food and snacks if you prefer.

This is the Yorkshire moors in Spring, so the weather may be unpredictable. Please check the forecast before you arrive and dress accordingly. We will be heading outside whatever the weather, so comfortable, warm and waterproof gear is advisable.

You will need a decent pair of trail shoes too, something with some grip for running up and down some bumps!

Keeping your energy up throughout the day will be important, so make sure you bring plenty to drink and some snacks. The cafe is open all day, so you can buy your lunch there and hot drinks and snacks at breaktime.

It will be useful for you to bring a pen, but we will try to have enough to go around. We will provide you with a workbook too.

Make sure you bring an open mind and a sense of adventure too: you might be stepping out of your comfort zone at times, but you will gain more if you throw yourself all in!

Trail running camps and days

To ensure we provide a quality and personalised day for everyone, we will be limiting numbers so please book sooner rather than later if you would like to join us.

You can BOOK here or get in touch if you would like any more information.

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