Training camps

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We are really excited to be providing aspiring and experienced trail runners – from beginner to expert – with a foundation of information and training towards helping you achieve success in your own trail running goals. No matter what level, experience or distance, we cater for everyone and leave no one behind!

If you are looking at developing your running and knowledge for trail, endurance and ultra events then this weekend will be ideal to get you on your way or help you refine your skills and knowledge even further.

A mixture of practical and theory based workshops provided by Jayson and Kim as well as other experienced ultra and trail runners, the weekend will cover a fundamental range of subjects, based on an variety of sources and proven principles, all of which have added to our own and others extremely successful results and experiences.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is into, wants to get into or is just curious about trail, ultra or mountain running. As long as you can do at least a parkrun, or 5km distance, there will be something for you! We cater for all levels, so if you are new to running or an experienced ultra runner you will be well looked after, not left behind, yet equally challenged if you want it! Even those of you who have been running ultras for years will learn something that could improve your performance or help freshen you up.

The highlights

What`s Included:

2 nights accommodation

Full board (Home cooked meals all weekend)

Guided and supported trail runs

Coaching and workshops on the following:

Goal setting and motivation

Strength and conditioning

Running form and drills

Equipment talk


Ascending and descending skills

Planning your own training

Tips and tricks

Plus lots of fun, engagement and group interaction throughout the weekend, either in or outside of the sessions.

Pricing schedule:

£190 full board with food and accommodation

£110 Without accommodation and lunch only on Saturday and Sunday

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Detailed information

The activities provided over the weekend will include: guided group runs around the forest and moors; coached and guided training sessions involving running drills, improving form, strength and conditioning, descending and ascending skills and other specific, practical advice whilst on the run.

We will also provide theory based sessions covering: goal setting and motivation; nutrition; planning your own training; equipment talk and advice; plus a session on tips and tricks used by professional and elite athletes. We aim to make the sessions as interactive as possible to help every one engage and benefit from the learning experience. These will take place in one of the comfortable classrooms in the centre itself.

There will be plenty of opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions throughout the weekend too. Although you will be kept busy, some of the best learning is done around the dining table or during the brew breaks!

How each session can help you:

Goal setting and motivation – With so much choice now, it is too easy to enter every race possible without thinking about it. However, one of the biggest factors in success or disappointment in an event is having a powerful reason for taking it on. Learn about how and why this is such a valuable element in your training in this session.

Strength and conditioning – A robust, healthy body will help you to run stronger, longer and more efficiently. Including activities other than just running is paramount to staying injury proof and to achieving longevity in your sport. We will take you through exercises you can easily incorporate into your everyday training.

Running form and drills – While everyone has their own particular style, these can help you make the most of your own mechanics! Moving as efficiently as possible means you will go the distance and feel better doing it. These can be included in your training runs and, done consistently, will improve your running.

Equipment talk – Trail running is fun but can also come with uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions, so having the right kit for your needs is vital. Making the right choices in footwear, packs and clothing can make or break an event, but it is not always possible to try things ‘in the field’. We can help you feel better informed with this session.

Nutrition – We could spend a whole weekend talking about what to eat before, during and after events, but this session will certainly help get you started in thinking about how you fuel and hydrate yourself. With so much conflicting information and anecdotal evidence out there, it is easy to get this spectacularly wrong, so this session will help you understand how to make it simple and power your performance.

Ascending and descending skills – One of the elements of trail running that people find challenging, or even scary, is all the hills! Here we will guide you through both a theoretical and a practical session that you can begin to practise over the weekend. We want you to go away knowing that hills are your friend in certain situations and most of all, that they can be fun!

Planning your own training – This key session will teach you how to put everything together in a practical and personal way. It is easy to follow a training plan from a magazine, but knowing how to periodise your own training and to break your own goals down will provide you with a more usable  and effective tool.

Tips and tricks – There are a plethora of tricks used by the elites and seasoned amateurs that we can show you in this session and throughout the weekend. Do you want to know how to aid recovery or how to get through the few days after your first 50 miler? We can share some tried and tested methods with you.

Located just inside Cropton forest we have the choice of fantastic trails, running through the forest on some great single track trails or able to head out onto the open moor, we can choose were we go depending on weather and what people want to do.

Getting there is ideally by car, travel towards Pickering and Peat Rigg is about 1o minutes from the main A170 road via the village of Cropton (which also has a very nice local pub and its own brewery).

The nearest train station is at Malton about 25 minutes away – I am sure we can arrange transport from there if you need it too.

We will be based in the stunning and secluded location of Cropton forest on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors, with plenty of options for running in the expansive woods or on the open moors. With only a few pigs, chickens and the resident collie for company, you are sure to have a peaceful stay!

The base will be Peat Rigg outdoor training centre, a very modern yet warm, cosy and recently converted farm house. Providing modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay, they are also firmly focused on being eco friendly.

The rooms are predominantly 4 person beds with en-suite showers. As we are limiting numbers and will have many more beds than people, we expect to have no more than 2-3 people per room

Click here to see Peat Rigg`s promotion video, see the great facilities and find out what they are all about!

It also possible to join us without the accommodation and meal options, so handy if you live local or want to find your own accommodation, however we will need to limit numbers for this option as part of the weekend will be getting to know fellow runners and us outside of the sessions!

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Obviously this is very important to everyone!

To take any hassle out of the weekend and allow you to relax and focus on enjoying yourselves, we will provide your meals and snacks.

Catering will be provided on site by the experienced team who pride themselves on providing nutritious and home cooked meals, catering for all dietary requirements (including vegan and gluten free). Peat Rigg source their ingredients as locally as possible, even using their own vegetable plot, greenhouse and chickens to put together healthy meals for residents.

You will be provided with meals for Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Making sure you have plenty of energy for the next day, you will also get a home made supper in the evenings. In addition to this fresh fruit, tea, coffee and drinks will be available for you to graze on all weekend.



We will have a large selection of equipment and trainers for you to try and test out over the weekend. This will be provided by Scott sports and Montane, two brands that work hard to produce quality trail running kit.

We will also have a few other bits and pieces on hand to test and give guidance on, such as strength and conditioning equipment, running poles and also lots of subtle tips and tricks to make your life easier while out on the trails

To ensure we provide a quality and personalised weekend for everyone, we will be limiting numbers so please book sooner rather than later if you would like to join us.

You can BOOK here or get in touch if you would like any more information.

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