What you put into your body has a huge impact on how it performs, not just in training and racing, but in day to day life too. As a runner, you need to ensure that you are giving your body what it needs or you may find yourself fatigued, ill or even injured.

We advocate a ‘food first’ approach to nutrition: real, simple food that your body knows how to process and utilise will bring you the greatest gains. If you can maintain a healthy body, your fitness will come much easier. We do also recognise the place of supplementation in different forms and will take advantage of products that help us to feel healthier, recover better and support a balanced immune system. The products we use are the only ones we will ever promote or recommend. They are tried, tested and trusted, and we believe in their efficacy.

Chia Charge

We have used Chia Charge products for years and believe that Tim and Lisa’s ethos is very much similar to our own. A small York based company, Chia Charge produce energy food for active people using the chia seed as a foundation. This incredible little seed is highly nutritious and by including it in all of their products, Chia Charge can make even chocolate flapjacks a healthier option! With a range that includes various flapjacks, protein bars, nut butters and drinks, Chia Charge really are a great way to fuel yourself.

Precision Hydration

Also a small UK company, PH are at the cutting edge of sports hydration. Without the correct hydration, the right nutrition will be useless, and this company make it very simple to get right. After discovering them at the UTMB festival 2016, we have become fans of their approach and products.

Forever Living

We have been working with Forever for a while now and truly believe that their products have transformed our health. Using ingredients inspired by nature, Forever provide a huge range of supplements that can support immune system function, healthy joints and digestive system balance among other things. Some of the products that we would not be without are:

Aloe Vera gel – this is pure aloe vera, straight from the plant. Taken every day, it can help balance your digestion, having a knock on effect for the rest of your body. We believe it is the foundation of good health and has helped many people in their daily lives.

Forever Lite Ultra – a complete and nutritious drink, this vanilla or chocolate shake has become a go to recovery aid or even a convenient snack when blended with milk and fruit.

Immublend – a proprietary blend of antioxidants such as vitamin C, D and zinc and botanicals that can contribute to the functioning of a healthy immune system. As long distance runners, we hammer our bodies, with immunity often being compromised. Taking care of this should be a priority.

C9 and FIT 15 – these programmes are both excellent ways of re-booting your relationship with food and challenging yourself with new exercise routines. Both can be adapted to fit into your lives so that you can make long term, sustainable changes. If you feel you need more guidance with how you eat and how to become more active, one of  these programmes could be for you. We have both used them with great success and can help you through them.

Nutrition consultation

It is not unusual for runners to struggle with how, when and what to eat. We have both had various problems and have learnt the hard way! As experienced runners (and eaters!) we understand the issues you may be facing such as fuelling yourself in training, eating well day to day and eating on the run.

If you feel that this is an area you need help with, we can offer you a consultation to guide you in the right direction. We would ask you to complete a 10 day diary including your food and liquid intake and your activity levels which we would then discuss together and identify any issues. You will then be given a plan on how to address these issues which may include recipes, a daily food plan or ideas on how to change your mindset around food.

The consultation will last approximately 1.5-2 hours and will cost £60.00.

If you would like a chat to clarify any questions or to arrange a consultation, contact us here: