Why should you consider a coach or look for help and support in your running and fitness?

Is there any skill that you have that you weren’t taught by someone else? Think about learning to read: how difficult would that have been without parents or teachers guiding you through it? You might have taught yourself to play an instrument or build a shelf, but where would you have been without a book or Youtube video to help you? Running to the best of your ability is exactly the same. While you may be able to knock out a parkrun or even a marathon and be reasonably happy, having support and guidance can help take you to the next level and keep progressing.

We both believe in this philosophy and have coaches of our own as well as professional support from some of the best sports therapists and nutrition experts. More often than not, it is not just about the running either. We pride ourselves on an holistic approach, where we get to know you and build a relationship over time. The best results come from this base of being open to change, growth and transparency. We want to help your running to help you!

New to running? Coaching can show you how to build a strong base safely, avoiding the pitfalls of doing too much too soon and creating a sustainable training plan to help you achieve your goals gradually, while building the confidence to push yourself safely.

Already experienced? We work with athletes who have been running for years but need to revive and refresh their schedule. You may have a challenging target and know that you need to change something to get there: we can push you to stretch your limits and reach your true potential. You may have reached a plateau and need a new approach, or perspective.

If you are a motivated athlete, with big dreams and aspirations, but are not sure how to start moving towards them, coaching can set you on the right path. With accountability, constant support and a flexible approach, we can give you what you need to shine.

Take a look here on our testimonials page at what some of the athletes we work with have to say and how they feel about coaching.

Full Coaching package

This can be provided locally in person or remotely, either on line or via the phone.

We start with a blank plan and, following an initial consultation and assessment where we find out more about you and what you want to achieve, we build up a bespoke training plan. Both the long and short term are mapped out, based on you and your needs, time available and long term plans.

You have the ability to record your training on the plan, provide feedback and record any details you would like to. The plan also includes strength and conditioning sessions tailored to you with full details and videos of all the exercises within them. This is something that can be overlooked in running plans and we believe in the value of adding this to your routine so much that we have created everything you need ourselves.

Your training plan is specific to you and can include all elements of exercise, such as swimming, cycling, strength and conditioning. We are happy to incorporate anything, depending on you, what you need and what you enjoy doing!

We then support you through your training, explaining any sessions, exercises, effort levels; anything you need to know, we will be there to help you through it.

A summary of what you get as a minimum:

  • Regular weekly/fortnightly reviews to keep things on the right track
  • Fresh new training plans: issued every two to eight weeks, tailored to your training and also life challenges
  • Email/Msg/Phone support – Unlimited
  • Reviews of running form and skill development
  • Race specific preparation and support
  • Nutrition and diet support
  • Exclusive access to our popular training days and weekends
  • You will be connected to our Athlete group, a place where you can receive additional support, advice and help from us and other people we are working with.

Package price is £80 per month for a minimum term of 3 months. This will include the initial assessment and consultation.

Please get in touch below if you would like some more information

Group coaching sessions/days

If you feel that you would benefit from a small group session rather than a one to one or larger club session, this is the option for you. Gather up a few of your running friends (ideally no more than 10 so you can get a more personalised session), decide if you want a morning, an afternoon or even a full day and we can take it from there. Maybe you want a practical day where you can explore some local trails and benefit from our guidance on the run, or maybe you want a more theory based activity. This is a cheaper way of getting some coaching advice and enjoying a day with like-minded people.

Learning with your team mates in a familiar environment can be a fun and accessible way of tapping into coaching too. We offer clubs the chance to have a session on any topic to improve their running, from strength and conditioning to varying your training to preparing for a specific event. You tell us what you would like, and we will deliver!