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Providing coaching and guidance for those who want to improve and learn what they are really capable of.
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What we provide

A range of services and information

We have several options and services on offer as well as some free resources, tutorial videos, insights via written blogs, interviews and podcasts.

Bespoke personal coaching

If you are a motivated person, with big dreams and aspirations, but are not sure how to start moving towards them, coaching can set you on the right path. With accountability, constant support and a flexible approach, we can give you what you need to shine.

Videos for specific training and general health

Videos for specific training and general health

In addition to the large library of private videos we have created to help the people we coach, we also have a Youtube channel with a series of videos “Getting focused for running” . We cover a variety of topics and sessions, from how to stay mobile and healthy, to how to perfect your press ups, to discussions on motivation and much, much more. The workout sessions have been some of the most popular!

Training camps

Group Training days

We really enjoy providing training days for people to learn, gain and practice new skills, knowledge and experiences. We organise these ourselves and also provide them to smaller groups on request. Using several different locations, we can vary the content to suit and cover basic running and movement through to more in depth skills and training for Ultra distance events.

External Media

Here we have grouped together all of the external media links, interviews, podcasts and videos we have been involved with. (Awaiting update)

Blogs & race reports

Blogs and race reports

Here are our blogs, race reports and kit reviews, which we are proud to say have been voted into the top 10 Best Running Blogs at The Running Awards! We are proud to share our experiences and insights, through the good and bad times!

Its more than just a training plan

Available to You

Building relationships is at the heart of what we do, and where we believe good coaching begins. Practically speaking, we can provide 1 on 1 coaching, in person or remotely and, whether your goal is a particular event, general health and fitness or just wanting to get started, we can help. Our key aim is to enable our athletes to take ownership of their training, guiding them towards long term health and sustainable running. The best outcomes always come from taking the time to forge an honest and reciprocal relationship, where you allow for change and growth, so that is very much what we aspire to achieve with everyone who comes on board.

There is no standard starting point to ask for coaching with us. We provide aspiring and experienced trail runners – from beginner to expert – with a foundation of information and training towards helping you achieve success in your own trail running goals. No matter what level, experience or distance, we cater for everyone and leave no one behind!

If you are looking at developing your running and knowledge for trail, endurance and ultra events then the days and weekends we offer will be ideal to get you on your way or help you refine your skills and knowledge even further.

Darren Smith
Darren Smith
Complete beginner to 18.34 park runner in under a year
“For someone who believed himself naturally useless in any physical activity, this was a surprise. The training and purposeful practice is certainly paying dividends, I’m sure I can do sub 20 minute with more work. After a quick chat with Jayson I headed off again for my 20 minute warm down. Very happy and feeling a little more confident that I am not completely useless at this running malarkey.”
Jodie Smith
Jodie Smith
Adventure racer turned Ultra and trail runner
My up hill running has improved considerably. I would never usually run uphill in a marathon race and the last one I did I ran every hill and felt great. I have no doubt that the strength work I did as part of my program is key to that improvement and confidence. I got huge satisfaction from my training, not just because I was stronger or running better. I think the lessons you take from being structured and committed in something pass onto other areas of your life.
Experience, knowledge and passion

The Cavill Coaches

We are very passionate about running. Whether it is a 5k park run or 100+ mile ultra, we love being involved in our own running and helping others achieve their goals. We both have varied backgrounds in health, fitness and activity and different goals in our own running, so we are able to provide a flexible approach and an empathetic outlook.

We both very much enjoy and are dedicated to learning and self improvement and through this, we continually meet and are inspired by some amazing people. We invest in professional support ourselves, with coaches, sports therapists and any courses or learning opportunities that we feel will help us become better at what we do and help others to enjoy life.

Jayson Cavill
Jayson Cavill
Coach and Athlete
I discovered my true passion for running in July 2012 when I had a magical full 36 hours of running adventures with friends.
Since then my life, health and happiness has dramatically improved, although it has certainly not been plain sailing, taking a lot of work and effort to continuously learn and develop. Coaching and helping others has become an extension of this which I absolutely love.
Kim Cavill
Kim Cavill
Coach and Athlete
Never a sporty child or teenager, I took up this ‘exercise’ thing because of vanity. After my first Race for Life in my early 20s I joined my local running club who showed me new routes, and took me from road 10ks to fell races. ‘Born to Run’ gave me the inspiration to up my distance and I haven’t looked back since.